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The Mindful Nurse: Using the Power of Mindfulness and Compassion to Help You Thrive in Your Work - Carmel Bernadette Sheridan

Nursing is a challenging occupation yet a fulfilling one. We encounter a lot of difficulties whenever we attend to our patients needs, while carrying out doctors order and doing administrative work.Reading this book reminded me of the funny, stressful and noteworthy experiences I had when I was still working as a clinical instructor.


Coping with the difficulties I've been through is not as easy if only I had read this book early on. Those who will be able to read this book are so lucky for they will have a guide to help them manage stressful situations and at the same time provide quality care to their patients.


The best take away I had is about the Mindful Presence. When I was still teaching in the academe, I always tell my students to make your patients feel that you are really there to take care of them and not merely to assist them in their needs. Those are two different things. Like what was mentioned in the book, "patients feel a genuine connection when you are devoting your complete attention in every interaction".


This makes a lot of difference. I hope more nurses and even those in the medical field read this book. It's worth your time and money! Carmel made sure the reader completely understands the message it delivers! Great work!